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So You Don't Believe in Chemtrails?

13/03/2013 13:09:08

That's fine. Neither do most people....who don't have to live under them. But chemtrails are not just something you believe in, like some believe that there will be 75 nubile virgins waiting for them in Heaven if they just kill a few infidels. There's no documentary evidence for that. But there is documentary evidence for the existence of chemtrails which is overwhelming and inescapably conclusive, and so here's just a taster for some of it.

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The Free and Easy Way For Clients To Find You

27/02/2013 13:53:16

Here's some great news for holistic health therapists! Now your clients can find you much more easily through The Therapy Book's dynamic Practitioners' Directory, and it doesn't cost you a cent.


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This Viral Gene Could Spell THE END For The GM Agenda

22/01/2013 16:38:08

A hidden viral gene, from cauliflower mosaic virus, has been discovered by EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) in GMO crops, which has caused shockwaves across the World.

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Revelations about food waste give the lie to the need for GM crops

14/01/2013 15:19:51

A recent report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers highlighted the extraordinary and embarrassing fact that over half the food which we produce never even makes it to the plate, and is thrown away. Here, Andrew Gunther of the Huffington Post, asks how can the government still insist that we need to grow GM crops to satisfy increasing demand, when all we need do is eradicate this appalling waste to feed the world's starving?

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How Sainsbury's is Hand-in-Glove with the GM Agenda

23/07/2012 13:02:32

A leading UK supermarket which professes to respect its customers’ wishes not to stock genetically-modified foods appears to be promoting their development at huge cost to the tax payer.

Sainsbury’s told The Therapy Book that it doesn’t sell any GM foods. But we have now discovered that the Sainsbury family has been at the forefront of the development of GM foods for some time.

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Heavy metal poisoning; how to get rid of it

27/04/2012 11:15:43

With the recent news about iron pills that might do harm, and a popular dietary supplement that was exposed as having surprisingly high levels of aluminum sulphate, you might be getting concerned about how much heavy metals you are ingesting without even realising it. And if so, how do you remove or detox these heavy metals from your system?

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GM and cloned meat coming through 'the back door'

25/04/2012 12:30:14

Our supermarkets have let us down .......…. Food producers have been slowly introducing products containing GM ingredients and meat from animals fed on GM ingredients and clones.

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Effective natural remedies for hayfever sufferers

27/03/2012 11:10:10

After a mild winter and then a brief cold snap, the forecasters are warning that the birch pollen hay fever season is starting early this year. It has already begun in the south of the country, and is expected to reach Scotland by mid-April.

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Ignore media campaign to get you to take more aspirin

25/03/2012 07:29:12

Before anyone jumps on the latest mainstream media bandwagon and begins taking daily aspirin to prevent cancer, there are several strong reasons to hesitate. To begin with, the study which produced the media storm was flawed and the claimed benefits are highly questionable.

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The Role of (Jing) Chi Energy in Chronic Back Pain

14/03/2012 10:10:09

Homeopaths will often see clients suffering from back pain as part of their presenting symptoms, or as a secondary symptom as the homeopathic treatment progresses. Musculoskeletal problems are one of the most frequent and disabling conditions affecting 80 per cent of people at some point in their lives.

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Perking up for Spring with Vitamin B12

21/02/2012 12:46:09

As we emerge out of the long hibernation of winter, we can sometimes find that our energy is low to start with. There may be a number of reasons for this ~ lack of sunlight, not enough fresh air etc. ~ but another reason, particularly if you are vegetarian or only have a little dairy or offal in your diet, could be vitamin B12 deficiency.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest America

20/02/2012 08:15:59

America is edging closer and closer to a kind of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest kind of society in which any kind of emotional expression ~ such as a natural outpouring of grief after a bereavement ~ is regarded as an abherrent behaviour and even a mental disability.

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Getting back to our roots

06/02/2012 08:59:46

How often are we told that we should be thankful for the advances in medical science? But is it just a case of “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it, despite evidence to the contrary.”? The hospital waiting lists get longer every year while diabetes, lyme disease, asthma, food allergies, eating disorders, MS, Attention Deficit Disorder, hayfever and autism are raging almost out of control.

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Five Top Herbs To Beat the Flu

03/02/2012 17:39:28

We’re well into the ‘flu season now, and so what better time to look at natural cures and in particular, herbs that help?

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The truth about cholesterol

01/02/2012 12:27:28

The current value of the cholesterol-lowering drug industry is estimated at around US $ 29 billion, but research suggests the drugs have little beneficial effects, and can often cause more harm than good. Much of what is commonly believed about high cholesterol and how it relates to saturated fats, heart disease and strokes is wrong; scientific research linking high cholesterol to heart disease is actually weak.

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Drink a cup of thyme a day

24/01/2012 12:07:18

Thyme is a delicate herb which is both pungent and hot with a penetrating fragrance. It is also a fabulous herb for healing a large number of ailments, writes Barbi Trejo. It is known to increase the flow of urine and to help in menstruation. It helps in the delivery process and prevents miscarriages; in fact, it cleanses all the organs of the body.

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Ain't no crock of gold at the end of this rainbow bridge

18/01/2012 12:57:53

After the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, radiation rained down on Australia. This was unexpected. Under normal scientific rules, nuclear particles should have been diluted and more evenly spread after travelling 5,000 miles from Japan. Here, Yoichi Shimatsu, the former general editor of The Japan Times Weekly explains what really happened and how it indicates that HAARP caused the earthquake.

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Micro-chipping coming to a pharmacy near you soon

16/01/2012 16:19:46

Now is the time, if you haven't done so already, to start relying on alternative or complementary or holistic health because the newest pharmaceuticals will contain, from September, smart microchips which will talk to medical teams through our mobile phones.

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Oh no, not that old one about red wine being healthy again!

09/01/2012 16:36:38

They usually trundle this old chestnut out in time for the Christmas shopping, but this year ye olde traditional ‘scientific proof’ that red wine is good for your health is a little late. Perhaps they were aiming for Candlemass?

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Proteins, not sugar, increase energy

09/01/2012 15:53:56

That energy does not come from sugar is not huge news to most of us who know the real truth about nutrition and bodily processes. But that this article managed to find its way around the, frankly, bullying sugar lobby to end up in a prestigious science journal is something of a miracle.

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How to detox from chemtrails and infiltrated nanotechnology

06/01/2012 16:08:54

This is the second part of The Biggest Story In Recorded Human History, which was about recent scientific analysis of chemtrail fall-out. If you haven’t yet read that yet, you might want to do so before embarking on this one about how to clear the toxic products from this fall-out out of your body.

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The Biggest Story In Recorded Human History

03/01/2012 12:18:53

There are many theories about why chemtrails are being sprayed in the skies, from weather geoengineering connected to HAARP to more sinister mind and population control programs. But with governments refusing to even acknowledge that our skies are being sprayed, let alone tell us why, all we can be really sure of is what the chemtrails contain, and what comes down to pollute our land and our waters.

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The BIG New Year Detox!

02/01/2012 12:44:03

So it’s New Year, and we can no longer put off the dreaded moment.

We’ve been promising ourselves, as we waded through tins of Quality Street and bottles of Baileys, that we would put it all to rights come the New Year, and have a good old detox.

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What happens when you drink a bottle of Coca-Cola

15/12/2011 11:23:21

“The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!” goes the Coca-Cola television commercial, as huge fairy-light embossed, Father Christmas-red trucks roll into a local town bearing crates of bottles of its sugary confection. However, you can read here how Coca-Cola plays havoc with the body's physiological processes.

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The ancient Vedic elixir of life

14/12/2011 12:24:37

We find the ancient Indian elixir of life in a series of texts which reveal how our ancestors at least 5,000 years ago coped with similar health conditions that we experience today. All this is revealed in the Sushruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita.

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Cognitive behavioural therapy helps teenagers with ME

13/12/2011 13:13:45

While it is heartening to hear that ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) has at last been recognised as a health condition by the medical profession, today’s figures about the number of teenagers affected by it are quite shocking. Why are around one in a 100 of our teenagers here in the UK unable to get out of bed in the mornings to go to school, or barely able to keep awake during lessons? And what help is available to them?

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The ongoing search for a natural cure for cancer

09/12/2011 12:30:02

For those who can look beyond the much-hyped "war on cancer," a very different kind of war is actually being fought behind the scenes on a scale few people realize, writes author Ethan Evers PHD. Its greatest competitor, natural medicine for cancer, has been silently progressing at a revolutionary pace.

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The truth about hair that Delilah knew

09/12/2011 12:01:12

The fact that our hair is part of our nervous system and can therefore act as a transmitter, or our ‘sixth sense’ was known to the ancients and it still is to most of the remaining indigenous shamanic communities today. Seems like Delilah knew it too!

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Milk thistle halts spread of lung cancer cells

08/12/2011 17:25:35

Researchers from the University of Colorado have found that treatment with silibinin, a major component of milk thistle, effectively treated wound development in lung cancer cells by halting the disease and preventing metastasis.

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How David Attenborough and the BBC betrayed our trust

08/12/2011 16:51:58

Anyone who thinks about science but that still likes to believe that the BBC is an impartial reporter of world events must have been seriously disappointed by last night’s ‘special episode’ of David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet. Our Americans cousins, who have also bought the series, will not get the ‘global warming instalment’ because they've refused to be taken in by the Great Global Warming Scam.

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